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A hydrafacial treatment is one of the most powerful and non-invasive facial treatments on the market today. Its popularity comes from its unique combination of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection. This helps to remove dead skin cells and impurities while also delivering moisturising serums into the skin. 


Book your appointment today and nourish your skin with our hydrafacial treatments today.

What Is Hydrafacial Treatment? 


Hydrafacial treatment is a patented skin treatment that involves microdermabrasion-like exfoliation mixed with the delivery of moisturising serums. The Hydrafacial device uses an exfoliation tip along with suction which removes dead skin cells from your skin. Once the exfoliation is complete, the device infuses serums into the skin.  


According to hydrafacial, the treatment involves three steps. These steps are: 


1) Cleanse and peel - This is the exfoliating step of the treatment. This step removes the dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. This stage is beneficial as it unclogs pores and increases collagen, leaving your skin looking brighter. 


2) Extract and hydrate - This stage is where the hydrafacial device uses its suction abilities to extract all of the gunk from your pores and loose skin. It is also where the moisturiser is delivered to the skin. 


3) Infuse and protect - Your treatment will be finished with the addition of serums. These serums will be different depending on your overall skin goals, whether that be anti-ageing, reducing enlarged pores or any other skin goals. The treatment is entirely customisable to help you achieve your individual skin goals. 

The Benefits Of Hydrafacial Treatments

Great For Acne Scars

The deep exfoliation helps to unclog pore-clogging cells of the skin. Microdermabrasion techniques have been used to treat acne scarring for years and hydrafacial is no different.

Helps Eliminate Blackheads

Hydrafacial helps to clear both clogged pores and blackheads through its suction ability. The hydrafacial empties the dirt in the pores and leaves you with much brighter and clearer skin.

Personalised Skincare

Hydrafacial is a completely personalised skin care treatment. The treatment can be personalised to suit any skincare goal that you may have.


Whether your goal is anti-ageing, reducing enlarged pores or just brightening your skin we will add a moisturising serum that suits your goals.

Gives You Younger-Looking Skin

The three-step process of hydrafacial treatments will exfoliate, extract and hydrate your skin. The process will end in vibrant and younger-looking skin.

Improved Under-Eye Puffiness

Hydrafacial can reduce under-eye puffiness thanks to its gentle suction and heat which helps to hydrate the skin.

Peace Of Mind

If you work with Four18Aesthetics, you can feel good knowing that you're in the hands of some of the best professionals the industry has to offer.



We offer patented hydrafacial treatments at a super competitive price point. Our hydrafacial treatments costs are:


One Treatment - £90

Two Treatments - £170

Three Treatments - £240



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