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Tattoo Removal



The ClearLift laser was developed by industry leader Alma Lasers and is trusted by the leading dermatologists in the industry. One of its primary uses is the removal of dark and multicoloured tattoos.

Previous laser tattoo removal systems were often less effective at dealing with most kinds of tattoos. Moreover, these lasers lacked the precision needed to limit risks of permanent damage to the skin. ClearLift is a safe and effective way to remove unwanted tattoos. 

ClearLift allows you get your tattoos removed with fewer treatments, saving you money and reducing your discomfort and inconvenience.

Every colour of ink requires a different wavelength of light and amount of energy to be efficiently removed.
ClearLift is a high-powered Q-switched laser that can operate 2 different wavelengths to be effective with darker colours and brighter colors like red and orange.

The treatment breaks down the ink particles without causing damage to the skin. This is achieved by a Photo-Acoustic effect created by the impact of the laser energy delivered with very short pulses to the targeted ink.


Over time, your bodies natural healing processes (the lymphatic system) removes the ink fragments from your body. This allows your tattoo to fade with only minimal risks of scarring or skin discolouration.



Per Treatment - FROM £20

*Price dependant on size, colour and expected number of treatments *



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